Hi! Fill this out as much as you want to, and at least 24 hours before our session (if you can).

i.e. some feedback/new ideas surrounding a particular project, how to deal with perfectionism, to begin to cultivate a regular creative practice, "nothing really I kind of just wanna hang out and talk about life," et cetera et cetera whatevera!
How do you wanna talk?
If you're in NYC or Chicago and wanna meet in person over coffee, we can do that. Otherwise we can have a Skype/GChat session, either via video or just typing away like it's 2001 and we're on AIM. Whatever makes you most comfortable!
This is totally optional. I really like astrology and would love to look up your natal chart, if you're into that/curious about it. I also read a little bit of tarot if you want to incorporate that into your session (I think it's a great way to simply ask questions you wouldn't otherwise think to ask, and to gain a different perspective). If you're like "Tiffany I love you but I hate this woo-woo bullshit," you can leave this space blank and we'll never speak of it again.
Again, optional. If you don't know, you can take the test at 16personalities.com. I'm an INFP myself!
I'd like to stalk your internet presence a little, if you don't mind.