What Tiffany creates for complete strangers is so powerful and necessary that I find it near impossible to capture its importance in one small review. With a voice the very definition of sublime, she manages to capture a life’s journey shared between two partners in exquisite rhyme and verse.
— Stephen T.

Even if you’ve never picked up an instrument (or only dare to sing behind the safety of your shower curtain), music is a universal love language. We celebrate with music, we mourn with music, we painstakingly craft mixtapes for our crushes. As a songwriter, I naturally give voice to my feelings with words and melody - but I believe that everyone, regardless of “creativity” or “artistic ability,” has a love song inside of them. And in a world of tablets, smartphones, and two-day shipping, my mission is to help you connect with your loved ones on a creative and deeply meaningful level. To give you the opportunity to say “I love you” in a way that you have never imagined possible: through a completely original, personal, musical time capsule. 

Wooooow. I’m literally crying right now. So special. You’re brilliant, Tiffany. So touched right now.
— Michael M.

How does it work? 

You gush about your loved ones, and I create a unique, one-of-a kind song just for them. We'll chat about your favorite memories, your greatest stories, and your biggest feelings - all the beautiful details that make your relationship special. Then, magic - your story becomes a song. Gone are the days of joyless gift cards and electronics - personal songs make unforgettable gifts that last a lifetime. 

I’m sitting here, listening for the fourth time in a row, with tears in my eyes. This is so, so beautiful! You’ve captured EXACTLY what I was looking for. It’s sweet, thoughtful, lighthearted . . . wow! I’m blown away! I love every bit of it. I’m 100% convinced my girlfriend will be so, so amazed. She’ll love it.
— Daniël V.

What do I get? 

You will get a high-quality, full-length (usually 2-4 minutes) Spotify-playlist-worthy song (in MP3 format), as well as a shareable song page. You will also get a frame-ready, hand-made lyric sheet (in the mail!)

Can I hear an example?

Absolutely! I've been writing custom songs since 2012. Take a listen to a few of them here.

This is beautiful. I am . . . FLOORED. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world. You’ve created something unique and special to us both, that is not only a collection of our memories transcribed into a beautiful song, but a memory in itself, now that we get to hear it together.
— Marlena P.

Ready to start your song?


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