Love stories tangled with twists and turns are often the ones truly worth fighting for. Shea's song for her partner showed him that even through life's most tempestuous moments, she would be there for him and their family.

"We've been married since 2011, and every time I see her, it feels like the excitement of of a first kiss. It feels like our love is standing still with time melting all around us." Drew's driving indie rock love anthem conjures up sweet nostalgia for he and his wife's whirlwind college romance. 

Libby's special song for her long-distance girlfriend assured her that she is always on her mind and in her heart, oceans and continents away. 

Michael commissioned an unforgettable Valentine's Day song for his girlfriend that tells of their serendipitous meeting and near-supernatural connection. 

Ingredients for a killer friendship: Bourbon. Nonsense words. Hans Zimmer. Kesha. Lindsay and Brandon's dance party mashup celebrates the weird and beautiful love shared between these two best friends.

"It might be crooked and frayed, but I wouldn't have it any other way." From their first date at Joe's Crab Shack to the wild adventure of parenting two baby girls, Jen and Greg's life together has always been "perfectly imperfect." She wanted a song that gave them a moment to reflect on their journey while encapsulating their early years as a family.