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from your heart to theirs

FIRST. My favorite part: you tell me your story. I’ll ask you to free write about your memories, feelings, stories, inside jokes - anything that lights you up. If this is your partner, how did you meet? When was the moment you knew you were in love? Maybe you're a father building a surprise daddy-daughter wedding dance  - what about her has had you wrapped you around her finger since she was a week old? If it’s your mother approaching retirement, talk about her unwavering strength. Anything goes here - this part is all about getting your heart on the page. The most colorful, heartfelt stories beget the most emotionally intricate, touching songs. 

You have totally outdone yourself. This is such an amazing song, I really can’t tell you how much I love it. I had to listen to it five times before I could respond. Beautiful. Thank you so, so, so much. My girlfriend’s going to lose it!
— Drew P.

SECOND. What kind of mood would you like to convey? Maybe you want a crooning, romantic ballad for a special anniversary. Or perhaps a jaunty sing-along for a milestone birthday. Don’t know what kind of tune you’d like? I’ll surprise you. 


THIRD. You sit back, and I get to work. This is where the magic happens - over the course of a few weeks, your words turn into lyrics, lyrics into music, and your song is born. I choose the perfect instrumentation for the style and mood, arrange all of the pieces together, and head into the studio to record. I’ll then painstakingly mix and master everything so it gets to you sounding lush and radio-ready. 

This song is perfect.  It is beyond words. Thank you for the timeless tribute and the beauty and love. This is beyond expectations. A treasure in our family forever. The subject herself is glowing with pride even in her illness. How can I thank you for pure poetry and beauty? How can I thank you for an ageless tribute to a soul going home. I can’t wipe away the tears of love and sorrow as we hear your song. God bless you and thank you.
— Anne D.

AND FINALLY. Your song is delivered. I’ll e-mail you an MP3 of your track and a link to your personal song page. Once I get the all-clear from you, I will hand craft your physical lyric sheet and mail it to you ASAP. Feel free to frame it and give it to your loved one as the cherry on top, or keep it for yourself as a memento of your experience. 


THAT'S IT.  Congratulations! Together you and I will have created a timeless work of art and a unique, unforgettable expression of your love that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

I just have to tell you that I am absolutely amazed by my song! I love it and I’m crying so many happy tears! I LOVE IT!
— Ashley S.
OH MY GOSH. Wowowowow. Seriously, Tiffany, this is everything. I mean, ugly cry perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
— Amanda S.

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